Tuesday, May 2, 2023

The painters studio

The champagne for Saturday nights village coronation gathering was due to be delivered yesterday but the vintner still has it in their warehouse. ' Don't worry guvnor. We'll get it to you by Wednesday '. The gentleman who answers the phone goes on to add ' We've been busy with the coronation'. This is the new British catch all excuse. I'm half expecting the Volvo garage to phone up and tell me the fitting of the replacement back door struts ( thankfully under warranty ) will have to be delayed because they're snowed under with coronation work. 

The other crows have moved on but the crow with white wings has decided to linger. It's sitting on the garden fence unbothered by our presence. The farmer with the silver Mitsubishi stops to see what I'm looking at. He thinks, but isn't 100 percent sure, that these albino or leucistic crows are spurned by other crows. If so, this one might have decided to throw his lot in with the villagers. The village has many well stocked bird feeders which may have influenced the crows decision to hang around.

On the beach two audacious oystercatchers are the subject of Sophie's ire. She charges after them, head down, ears flying. The birds take to the air and fly a full 50 metres further along the sand. There they settle - more irritated than alarmed. Sophie decides that a further 50 metre sprint isn't worth it. Her attention turns to greeting Archie the arthritic labrador who is pulling himself over the dunes onto the beach.

Yesterday, we drive north to the studio of a well known lady artist. We are going to a godsons wedding in Colorado and wonder if a piece of art work might be a more suitable gift than a coffee maker and more personal than a cheque.

The artist usually sells through galleries in London but she welcomes us into her studio which  is everything you'd expect an artists studio to be. 

Angus rather likes a green canvas that she's working on. It's been propped up against a fireplace while she finishes off some works that are to go in the lobby of a large film company in California. We promise to talk on the phone to see whether she can get anything 'finished' by September.

This morning the supermarket has a delivery of Coronation sponge cakes. From a quick examination of the packaging it would seem that these are ordinary sponge cakes with £3 added to the price.

Living dangerously is an understatement :https://twitter.com/AMAZlNGNATURE/status/1652636266830364675

'The Font' found this interesting :https://www.sixthtone.com/news/1012806

And here, for those who asked for it, is yesterdays May Dip :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KgRgytVy1Jg


WFT Nobby said...

The extra £3 for icing the cake with a crown decoration? And the icing only partially covers the top of the cake...
What was that gibbon thinking? (Even more unwise than a 1st May dip in the North Sea.)

Travel said...

A painting will last a lot longer than a coffee maker.

jabblog said...

There is a leucistic crow where we walk the dogs. S/he is part of a family of four.
Art is a splendid idea for a godson - lucky boy.

Coppa's girl said...

The price of the Coronation cake does seem extreme - and the decoration not worthy of an official cake cutting ceremony on the big day.... Shame on M&S for cashing in.
I think the gibbon had it all figured out - if he gets a head start across the treetops before the tiger reacts, he might win!
As to the May dip ...well, it's a Rite of Passage and you need to be young and foolhardy.

Stephanie said...

The link gives the old phrase "having a tiger by the tail" new life. It gives me shudders. Please keep us posted on the leucistic crow.

rottrover said...

Your heather is so lovely!

Diaday said...

Yes to an original piece of art for a wedding gift.
No thank you to the coronation cake.
Maybe put a bird feeder out for the leucystic crow?
BTW, your heather is beautiful!