Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A flower blossoms for its own joy.

It's raining gently in Toulouse but absolutely bucketing down in Paris. In the middle of the Place de la Concorde four very unhappy and very wet Chinese tourists standing sheltering under an umbrella big enough to cover one of them. Why don't they run to the metro station a hundred yards away ? They couldn't get any wetter .

Out early for a pre-breakfast walk.  Hidden in a back street behind the hotel a chapel built on the site where Louix XVI and Marie Antoinette's bodies were buried after being guillotined. There is something ever so slightly unnerving about the sign that says the chapel is closed for 'technical reasons'.

'The font' drives down to collect me . Bob and Sophie are introduced to Toulouse airport. Neither seems to be alarmed by the aircraft noise. Sophie is greatly taken with the arrival halls automatic sliding doors . She lies out flat on the marble floor spellbound by the gentle 'whoooshing '  noise the doors make as they open and close. She drums her front paws with delight. Bob , oblivious, looks down the corridor towards the cafe.

We stop off on the way home to buy strawberries. The sun has returned . Bob and Sophie are delighted that they have found their lost sheep. That sheepdog ' what would they do without our herding skills ? ' seriousness already evident.


  1. Well, Bob and Sophie, You are right to be worried. What ever might Angus get up to away from your tend care? Wander around Paris in the rain perhaps?
    Toodle pip!

  2. I suspect Sophie was thrilled and hopeful to see a door that opens automatically. She
    was probably busy pondering the mechanics and plotting how the oven door can be made to behave in such a way.

    Love Bob's little fluffed/spiked "do" in the last photo. Wish I could ruffle those dear little heads.

  3. Interesting sign. We're not sure we comprehend.

    True sheepdogs start herding from babyhood. We've seen 5-week old sheepdogs in Australia, stumbling after full grown sheep. Glad the herd is back together.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  4. Had no idea that part of the herd was off traveling...glad you made it back okay.
    Sophie seems to grab all aspects of life by the paws, and tackle it in her own way.
    I love the picture you painted of her lying on the floor watching the "whooshing" doors drumming her paws in delight. She knew for sure you'd be exiting in a little while through those doors.
    I too love the new header, I can now see both of them on my screen again.
    Hope the sun stays out for you for a couple of days. It's still cloudy and rainy here.

  5. After my recent travels through Dulles airport, I don't blame Bob and Sophie for their concern!

  6. that last picture of the two of them in the back of the car... perfection.
    how is it they just grow more and more adorable.
    and how wonderful that you can take them right into the airport. here you barely can get yourself cleared for stepping foot into it! let alone puppies. sad state of affairs i think. every puppy should meet a swooshing door!

  7. Your writing is very beautiful today. And the pictures of those two growing beauties are a sight to behold!