Friday, May 17, 2013

Happiness is like a kiss.... you must share it to enjoy it.

A man in blue overalls reverses his white van onto the gravel in front of the church. He gets out, lights up a cigarette, unloads a variety of tools and then digs a hole in a flower border.  When he's finished he carefully ropes the hole off with red and white tape , reloads his tools, then drives away.  Later that afternoon  Bob, Sophie and Angus wander over to admire his handiwork. The hole is all of eighteen inches deep and a foot wide. What can it be for ? Why rope it off ? Bob and Sophie make a mental note that it's alright to dig holes in the church flower beds.

The very old farmer has been pruning his garden and has managed to get himself stuck between the lavender bushes and the rain barrel. We give him a fireman's lift back onto the garden path. He steadfastly refuses to let go of the garden shears he's grasping in his left hand. For no reason in particular the very old farmer says that crows never nest in elms or beeches. Only oaks or conifers. 

The excitement of life in a French village never lets up.


  1. Your garden is stunning ; and those noses adorable.

    1. Must be because Bob and Sophie are doing a little bit of digging in the garden every day.

  2. Sophie is posing like a professional model in that last shot.

  3. The Farmer is lucky someone was around to help him out!

    We love those photos of the pups faces.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  4. Your decked area look like a very pleasant spot to sit and have a glass of wine, with two PONs at your feet.

  5. Seems like the village excitement factor racked up 100% when our two beauties moved in :-)
    It's certainly a Pon-derful Life x

  6. Be careful, Bob and Sophie could be looking at that hole as something to aspire too...

  7. I bet they are already planning how to replicate the hole in your garden!!

  8. Love your do Bob and Sophie it seems.
    Glad you were around to help the very old farmer out of his predicament. It's nice that he is still fit enough to work in his garden...what love. you've got me wondering about that hole in the church flower border.

  9. Of course we'll look forward to the tale of what gets put into the hole, if anything. Adorable noses today.

  10. the cuteness of these two not-so-little guys is just the best way to start my day. Please keep 'em coming.
    Karen Rathje

  11. is it my imagination or are they already the size that wilf and digby were when full grown? maybe it's all perspective and misty sweet memory.
    they're not so afraid of the camera now... letting you get some real close-ups!
    this blog is my good morning. more important than the coffee.
    wonder if giving you up would give me a headache. i think NOT!!! xo and nose kisses to the two little rascals.

  12. Intriguing hole in the church flower bed; what has the village beautification committee come up with now?
    I feel bad for the very old farmer and glad that you were nearby!
    Will Bob and Sophie start roping off all their earthworks?

  13. I bet you can hardly wait for tomorrow with all the excitement that day to day life in France!

  14. Perhaps Sophie was just checking out the competition to see how his hole compares with hers. Bet she's more enthusiastic in her work. Hope her tummy is better. Mama has learned the hard way to listen up when Jed rousts her in the middle of the night to let her know Abby is sick at her tummy .. or needs to pee.