Saturday, May 11, 2013

The man with toothache thinks everyone happy whose teeth are sound .

Sophie demolishes a flowerpot every night. On a good night she'll make it two .  Bob continues in his quest for snails and worms . These have to be  brought indoors to be fully savoured.  We draw the line at bees. Both of them  ignore the freshly cut lawn preferring to play in the thick mud around Monsieur Bozo's recently installed  septic tank.

A new pizza parlour in town. This is the fifth in the three and half years we've been here. They open for a couple of months, discover there's no market, then close. This one offers ' quiche pizza '. 

Six in the morning. Bob and Sophie are out in the garden.  Yesterdays Le Monde in the process of being finely shredded  by those razor sharp pirana teeth. Black bags in hand Angus finds himself following the little angels around while singing a one line ditty :  '' How much poo can a little PON do ? ". The glorious days of puppy hood.


  1. Dear ANGUS: I give you the digital on-line daily version of LE MONDE.
    Until SOPHIE can learn to (somehow) destroy digital data - I think you will be safe. Enjoy! From the Westcoast of Canada.

  2. I love the close-up view of Bob's nose in the first video!

    Also amused that all the pizzas come with olives, especially as I've never seen olives on an Hawaiian pizza before, but that's what I love about your part of France - you always seem to find something different to share with us.

  3. Bob and Sophie just seem to say TROUBLE. I'm loving their daily antics and photos

  4. The nose in that first video . My ! How we laughed . Bob participating to the full .

  5. Love Bob's close ups....

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  6. I've confessed before on your blog that I'm an American traditionalist when it comes to pizza...

    And I had to chuckle at your little rhyme--I don't know about PON's, but I do know "how much poo a Golden can do' which is why we don't use bags but a "super-duper-pooper-scooper!" :-)

  7. Maybe its the lardon that they put on the pizza that makes it not quite famous...

    If we could find a way to make money off our 3's "leave behinds" we'd be horribly rich.

  8. Is it only croissants that Sophie keeps an eye on in the oven, or other meals as well?
    She is doing a great job, and I therefore recommend that you disengage the oven longer needed...she will "Woof!" when the food in the oven is ready.
    My gosh Angus, I've just realized that Sophie is destroying clay pots and not plastic ones...she's a tough little cookie.
    Of course the mud is more fun to play in...duh!!

  9. Taking my puppy to get groomed today, I have goat heads in the yard and have to brush her about 3 times daily, she is starting to not like that much combing, so off goes her pretty hair!

  10. Love them so much, Thanks for sharing.

  11. I've trained non dog-owning friends to save their plastic grocery and bread bags for us. A non-dog owning friend saves up his plastic grocery and bread bags for us. We refer to them as "poopy bags" Sophie destroys clay pots? What a tough pup!

  12. i guess one way to get rid of puppy pirana teeth is to grind them down on clay pots? !!!
    could they get more adorable?
    yes. and i can't wait for each new post . . . to see how much more! hugs to those puppies.

  13. Love the first photo, Angus. We can see Sophie's wonderful soft colours and the amazing colour ticking on Bob's body. I don't think I've noticed quite how spotted he can look. They are a pair.
    Your wisteria is gorgeous.

  14. Hmmm.. have to wonder about the nutritional value of terra cotta. Hope Sophie doesn't swallow any shards. Abby has taken to digging holes to get at the tiny roots of whatever passes for grass in the yard and spends a lot of time unsuccessfully trying to shake the dirt off the roots before she swallows. New hobby for her.

    They sure are growing fast! They really look like Pon furballs now, not just generic puppy furballs.

    Hope they can stamp out that SARS-related stuff that seems to have broken out - near Lille? - before it can make its way to your neighborhood.

  15. They are getting ridiculously big!! Puppyhood is so fleeting...actually, I remember it being far better than it really was. Sort of like labor. This is why the human/canine population continue to grow. We forget the less than pleasant and just remember the absolute JOY.


    Scruffy, Lacie and Stan and their Mumsie