Tuesday, May 14, 2013

No one can ruin your day without your permission .

Two am. The howling starts. Angus pulls the bed covers over his head. Somethings are best ignored. Half an hour later the howling has grown in intensity. Angus wanders downstairs. Bob is letting us  know that Sophie has developed a stomach complaint. There has been an alimentary moment . Accidents happen.

We deal with this upset tummy by venturing out into the garden every half an hour. Sophie seems unconcerned. Bob  displays big brotherly concern. Later today Sophie will be bathed and taken to the vets by ' the font '. Angus and Bob will be catching up on their sleep.


  1. Maybe she snuck out to the bakers and had too many of the bavarois! :)

  2. Poor Sophie! If she seems unconcerned how bwd can it be? But nevertheless I shall worry about her.

    What on earth was going on in that hilarious video? Was an apparition swathed in chiffon approaching them or something?

  3. Oh dear, my poor Sophie, I hope it's nothing too serious. Big brother Bob will keep an eye on her when she returns from the vet I'm sure.
    Those big dog barks in today's video are music to my ears....they're growing up so fast.

  4. So Bob wasn't "crying wolf" in the middle of the night - it just sounded like it!
    Hope Sophie is soon feeling better and that you get a full night's sleep tonight.

  5. Poor wee Sophie
    Sending her lots of cuddles and hoping she's right as rain again soon.
    Best wishes,
    Gail and Bertie.

  6. Oh I hope she is OK. Maybe a few too many flowerpots. I am sure she will be back to supervising Bob in no time at all.
    Picture three is such a lovely picture of the two of them.

    1. Picture three is lovely, but I actually meant picture four! x

  7. You HOPE you'll be catching up on your sleep. Bob may have other ideas.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  8. Sophie and Todd must've gotten into the same thing--I hope they both feel better!!

  9. So wish I could see the videos on my ipad! ,alas..... Best wishes for Sophie's quick recovery from (also rainy and gray) Charente!

  10. Aww! I hope Sophie's feeling better soon! What a good brother she has to look after her! :)

  11. we knew those flower pots would show up eventually, sorry it had to be the middle of the night. Hopefully Sophie has learned her lesson and will be ok.
    Karen and Kelly Rathje
    (Bettendorf Iowa USA)

  12. wow. what a smart and protective big brother. he knew something was wrong and that you could fix it!
    maybe she finally ate whatever it is she's digging up!
    oh puppyfur . . . it would be worth a trip to your library and a desktop computer there to see all the videos.
    they're worth it! i wish you could see them too. they're wonderful.
    but then so are the still pictures. it's all so good.
    thanks angus for making every day start happily!

  13. What a good brother our Bob is. Glad to know Sophie is unconcerned. Puts our minds (and nerves) to rest...a bit.
    Many bulbs and tubers are poisonous to pets if they eat enough of them and the wee ones will eat anything.
    Maybe a fresh start in the pots with all new dirt and plants not harmful to pets. Peace of Mind...a wonderful thing.

  14. I have a solution to the no video on the iPad problem. If they get the Puffin browser (there's both a free and a cheap version), they'll be able to watch your videos on their iPad. I did a post about it on Jack's blog for Wednesday. Hope this helps!!

  15. Ah, you have my sympathy. Not two weeks ago 2/3 of ours developed the stomach complaint. A trip to the vet is in order and all will be well once again.

    That is some bark Bob has....quite fierce!