Friday, May 31, 2013

Letter to the editor.

Mr.Robert B Silvers,
New York Review of Books,
435,Hudson St.,
New York.
NY 10014.

31st May 2013

Dear Mr.Silvers

The post lady delivered the May 23rd edition of the New York Review of Books to our house in France late on Thursday morning. By lunchtime Bob, our dog, had devoured it. 

Could you kindly send a replacement issue ?

Yours sincerely,


PS. Bob had carefully shredded it first.


  1. Perhaps he was commenting on some of the reviews?

  2. Perhaps he's a voracious reader!

  3. Perhaps you need to teach Bob the old quote "Outside of a dog, a book is a man’s best friend. Inside of a dog, it’s too dark to read."

  4. Brings a new, or rather a literal, meaning to the expression 'he absolutely devoured the book'.
    Looking forward to the response.

  5. Perhaps Bob is hinting that there are more important pursuits to be focused on, such as the daily croissant run and the morning doorstep chat.
    Look at that fine nose.

  6. It was library books here that were devoured.

    XXXoOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  7. We had to deliver a similar message to our vet after Apple carefully and, I believe, purposefully, shredded the instructions sent home after her knee surgery. As they advised "no running or jumping for four months", I think she had a plan.

  8. Oh Angus, I'm laughing here, but I do feel your pain.
    I had to keep a watchful eye on Brownie the other day as I was looking through some of my very old recipes that I haven't catalogued as yet.....a very watchful eye.
    I should post about it.

  9. Bob....nothing was up to your standards so you kept your "flock" from wasting their time. Good job!
    Karen & Kelly Rathje in soggy-doggy Iowa

  10. You make me laugh every morning...thank you.

  11. Lol. I thought the nose was a new ET sort of toy

  12. What a very busy Bob! Love the close up of the Jaws of Death. Perhaps Bob thinks you should spend more time with him and Sophie and less time reading? Mitzi and Emmy think playtime is much more important. ;)

    Purple Magpie, Mitzi the Chiweenie, and Emmy the Bouncing Pogo Puppy in California

  13. Hysterical! Maybe Bob is trying to tell you he wants you read to him? Previous dog chewed up a dog training book when she was a pup. Current pup specializes in sneak grabbing the roll of paper towels from the kitchen and shredding it.

    1. Shredded paper towels, pickpocketed hankies, devoured magazines. Puppyhood at its best ! .

  14. And I have a feeling that Sophie was standing on the sidelines cheering him on, looking so innocent!!

  15. I would trust Bobs critique, less work more play.

  16. Oh ho! That's Bob's way of saying he wants books read to him and Sophie every day? Love the close up shot!

  17. Busy little chompers aren't they? And now they are on their way to becoming well read little chompers too!

  18. Oops!
    I hope Mr Silvers s a doggy person, otherwise he might just not understand......

  19. hehe - good taste, Bob! Here, the dogs chewed up my copy of "Marley and Me. " Seemed poetic justice and a tribute to the young Marley.
    Bob, we LOVE noses at Silverwalk :).

  20. Oh dear. I think you should have written "our dog Bob the International Internet Sensation".

    Mr Silvers should be made aware of exactly who he is dealing with. I would imagine that fame and celebrity does not hurt in such situations. Especially if the famous person is very young, and cute.