Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Whoever said happiness needs a plan ?

Sophie sits in front of the oven watching two breakfast croissants warm up. Unblinking,immovable, nose almost to the glass. Quite convinced  that she's stumbled across the secret place from whence all good things come .

Later in the day Sophie can again be found sitting in front of the oven.  'The font' works around her. Noix de Saint-Jacques roties meuniere, mouselline de chou-fleur vanillee, jus a l'orange reduit, huile verte. Sophie doesn't move from her position. She's staring fixatedly at the oven door waiting for the croissants to reappear.

With Sophie refusing to leave the kitchen Bob comes with me to the barbers. The first time brother and sister have  ever been apart.  A moments hesitation at the door as he moves from the sunshine of the street into the darkness of the  salon.  Inside three pensioners from the old folks home sitting on the sofa . They greet him. A fourth half dozing on the armchair doesn't notice. The barber springs to his feet  - delighted to see a paying customer with hair.

Bob sits by the barbers chair. He's there for all of two minutes , then he's off exploring. Muzzle scratched by the three old farmers on the sofa. No hesitation from them, or him. They chat away as if chatting to an old friend. They're not embarrassed and neither is he. Last years magazines on the table sniffed. Bob cocks his head and looks at the fourth pensioner , who is now whistling in his sleep , then moves off to settle under the ailing aspidistra. 

A young PON's most excellent adventure. He's chosen to settle in the self same spot where an old PON sat a year ago. Life continues. Bob knows that all is well with the world.


  1. That first picture is magnificent! Such a wonderful story you're telling with one pup, a stove and some bread. Bravo!

  2. But what would be the response if Sophie attempted to intrude upon the (apparently) all male domain of the barbers?

  3. Excellent view of Bobs kind eyes, classic photos of pretty Sophie.
    How can almost a year evaporate so rapidly?
    I wish you all a lovely day.

  4. Sophie appears to have found her own version of the Food Channel!

  5. Absolutely tantalizing photo of Sophie and the croissants in the oven, simply perfection!
    Bravo to Bob and his introduction to the manly barber shop. A little teary-eyed at mention of Bob relaxing in the same spot as Wilf. Sweet.

  6. That oven is just the right height.

    Bob's on his way to becoming a village dog.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  7. What a big laugh Sophie has brought to my lips this morning. She is a very very very smart dog. I love the first two photos, what concentration....and oh so cute.
    Brownie knows about the fridge but not the oven.
    I know exactly what the Font went through to prepare a meal by working around Sophie...happens here all the time.
    Bob has brought Wilf's spot at the barbers back to a sad yet meaningful way.

  8. The picture of Sophie staring at the oven door is just priceless, I can almost see her drooling! Bob, has certainly become a "Daddy's Boy" which fills a spot in your heart I'm sure.
    Karen Rathje
    Iowa USA

  9. Love the pictures of Sophie! Having Bob at the barber's and him settling into Wilf's old spot brought tears to my eyes. What a perfect moment.

  10. tears.
    this post has it all.
    not counting the little black eyes i finally see!
    how i do love the four of you. xo

  11. Maybe it's a girl thing.
    Apple is my constant companion in the kitchen.
    I have mastered amazing acrobatic feats working around her.

  12. A kitchen isn't normal without at least one dog underfoot. Thank you for the morning laughs with lovely Sophie and intrepid Bob. And while I know one is not supposed to covet, oh that double-oven cooker! Sigh.

  13. Sophie has found her North Star...the guiding light of a gleaming oven. It is wonderful that you have you have an errand companion again. Bob already knows the ropes.

  14. We hope you got a taste of that breakfast croissant, Sophie!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  15. I love that Bob chose Wilf's spot on the floor.

  16. Oh Sophie what a determined and smart girl you are! Big smiles here . . . Then watery eyes. I think Bob was meant to go alone to the barber shop with you.

    You just don't see dogs in places of business around here. Where i work I have two clients who have service dogs, and another who sometimes sneaks a chihuahua in her purse. Needless to say their visits make my day. Dogs should be allowed everywhere. Well, almost everywhere.

  17. Those pictures of Sophie are just precious! Too clever! As for Sir Bob, I am glad he only went for a visit and not a trim...

    Those PON's are smart pups!

  18. It sounds like Bob and Sophie are both cultivating their own tastes! :) Funny how dogs gravitate towards those special places.

  19. The photos of Sophie are absolutely priceless!

  20. bob knows a good spot just as wilfee did...bless them both..x