Monday, May 6, 2013

Be happy. It's one way of being wise.

The Saint is supposed to leave the church at eight. Due to a breakfast of  sangria followed by blue cheese and salmon vol au vents he and his followers finally get underway at nine thirty. A slightly dyspeptic cavalcade of horses, dogs, children, farmers and farmers wives weave slowly in the direction of the crossroads. Two guitarists, the accordion player / physiotherapist and a man with a trumpet lead the way. They play that old Saints Day classic ' Blue Spanish Eyes ' as they go.

Bob and Sophie sit spellbound . The horses a particular source of amazement. '' Blimey Sophie ! They're big dogs . Lucky for you I'm here ". Sophie looks less than convinced. On the village green Wally's giant lunchtime paella  is beginning to bubble. 

It's late by the time we make it to the bakers. No croissants left this morning. We emerge with a strawberry tart. At the cafe under the arcades the waitress saves the day with a bowl of fresh water and a quarter croissant. Two small PON's are extremely reluctant to get back in the car.



  1. Sounds like an interesting procession.

    We think Sophie prefers digging to playing with a glove.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  2. I would have sat spellbound too.
    A late start to the festival can be tolerated especially after a sangria least no one got sick from the old wine.
    Thank goodness the waitress saved the day for Bob and Sophie.
    Angus you must warn us when you're posting photos of such delicious looking goodies. I was scrolling through admiring the little angels, and then WHAM right in my face, those yummy gateaux and pastries. A warning for the faint-hearted like me who have all sweet teeth please. Hope you enjoyed your strawberry tart.

  3. Ah I've missed the cakes. Thought you must have been on a diet. Pons are looking good.

  4. I couldn't trust myself with a cake of those proportions (good heavens, I have never seen an 'Opera' as big a that), I would become a fridge hoverer and several pounds heavier.

  5. That cake makes my mouth water! I can see why Bob and Sophie were reluctant to get back in the car.

  6. The PONS-loving waitress is a heroine of great merit.

  7. The pups look so little when seated in the back of your car! Irresistible they are is that strawberry cake.
    Thank you for the bakery photo. I live vicariously through your bakery experiences. Not a decent baked good for 100km around here.
    When I was still working, we would jokingly accuse colleagues who had rather silly lapses in judgement of having wine for breakfast. Interesting.

  8. Well I am ashamed to say I had to look up dispeptic. Blue cheese and salmon? And Sangria? I am sure that is indeed the perfect descriptive word.

    I don't know why, but I always think of "blimey" as being an Australian term, so it throws me off a bit when Bob says it! Two Polish dogs who occasionally use a very crocodile dundee turn of phrase, living in France with Scottish and a Swedish parents. Of course they are very international dogs, so clearly their language reflects it.

    1. For some reason the pre-teen CC's decided that male PON's would talk as if they were Micahel Caine. Hence the cockney 'Blimey !'. On the same basis female PON's are reputed to talk like a young Maggie Smith in the Pride of Miss Jean Brodie. Now you know.

  9. and i do believe if you looked closely there was a little ghost of a polar bear pon smiling at his two new siblings at that café.
    i loved how bob finally held his own in chewing on the delicious glove. he gradually just kept moving away! LOL.
    i could just keep hugging those little roly poly puppies. all day!

  10. Uh Oh! It looks like someone is going to need a new pair of gloves soon!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  11. Two things that make me giggle uncontrollably - accordion player/physiotherapist and Bob & Sophie thinking the horses are big dogs. That's how I think other animals see us....for example, if a dog sees us getting into the car, I am sure they are thinking "Hey, why are those dogs getting car rides and not us?"

    Makes me giggle stupidly every time! Thank you for the Monday giggle!