Sunday, May 12, 2013

The secret of happiness is something to do .

The builders arrive next week . Angus is cajoled into visiting the hardware store. Time , he is told,  to choose taps . The pups first trip down the motorway. They sleep all the way to the Leroy Merlin car park. What a name for a store . Sounds more like a Louisiana Blues singer than a hardware outlet. Above the front door a big sign saying '' Open : Monday to Saturday 8 til 8  ". It opens a little after nine. 

We use the time while we wait for the doors to open to walk Bob and Sophie round the parking lot. They enjoy this adventure tremendously. So much so that we have a rerun. The second time round the car park has filled up and there  are more tyres to sniff. Angus sits in the back of the car with the tail gate open chatting to Sophie while ' the font ' texts pictures of taps from inside the store. This hi-tech system keeps all parties happy. Before we set off home the pups get a third brief walk. Bob christens the tyres of a maroon Peugeot 504. Given time he'll graduate to a Mercedes.


  1. In the second video, Sophie seems to get annoyed with Bob for digging. Does she see the digging as her specialty alone? Will Bob get chewed out whenever he does a dig?

    Jo in MN

  2. Love the Angus version of going shopping!

  3. Pups always find something to do. Great to see Bob digging--even if his sister tries her best to disrupt him.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & roxy

  4. We love that you're biting Bob's feets as he's trying to dig, Sophie! Nice work! haha

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  5. Delightful videos, Angus! I see that Bob has been taking digging lessons from his sister--and I agree, given time he'll graduate to the 'Mercedes level' of digging that Sophie has already gotten too!

  6. you know the over used 'LOL'? well. watching that second video . . . i literally L'd OL!!! oh my gosh.
    i could watch those puppies all day. how do you get anything done?
    and... i would imagine you'd like all your shopping trips to progress like the last one. all you have to do is puppy~sit and the font can make the tough decisions! LOL. there i go again. L'ng OL. you four make my day.
    the lovely four in france profonde.

  7. I will not let my husband know that this is an option for a shopping trip....I'd never get him into a store!

    Those two have enough energy to last a week! Bless...

  8. The digging video has me cracking all up to pieces....I have never seen a dog/puppy digging from a sideways angle....oh Bob you are a genius.
    Maybe that's why Sophie was upset, Bob has some digging tricks up his sleeve (sorry paws) out Sophie!!
    Hope you were able to help the Font choose the best taps for your new

  9. Sounds like a shopping trip with us. Thank the Lord for the capabilities of an iPhone.
    Love that video. When frustrated, chew your brother's leg!

  10. Like others, I'm L'ing OL at that second video!

  11. I assume there was more to the story w/bob digging and sophie biting his paws?? Who won?
    Tucker's ears perked up when he heard bob barking !!!