Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Never give up, for that is just the place and time that the tide will turn .

It's raining again this morning. Meteo France says this is set to be the coldest and wettest May in 200 years.

Madame Bay arrives seeking 'advice'. Nadine, her hairdresser daughter, is thinking of moving the salon to new premises closer to the market square.  '' She's a Sagittarian " say Madame Bay to ' the font '. Our saintly septuagenarian still oblivious to the finer differences between astronomy and astrology .

Off to into town for our morning sliver of croissant at the cafe under the arcades. When we return the house awash with even more rose filled vases . Pink everywhere. The Barbie look replaced by the Barbie on amphetamines look. Madame Bays signature style.

The leaves of one of the trees in the garden covered with small red growths. We think it might be some form of insect infestation. In the hedgerows more of the wild gladioli are appearing.

Bob and Sophie are happy. Rain + Mud = Gloop. Gloop = Joy. Bob learns to eat roses straight from the bush.


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    1. Thanks. You might be right. I've just looked them up on this website - - and they look a lot like mite galls. The things you learn !

  2. Wow. the second photo is like a painting. Beautiful.

  3. I am jealous of all those bookshelves! We are reduced to stacking books in "artistic" piles in various corners. I really should do a cull but somehow I can't bring myself to do it! English language books aren't very desirable in our corner of La France Profonde!

  4. Sophie looks like she's posing, not understanding the concept of moving pictures. Bob knows what to do with a stuffie...well done.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  5. I see that most sites about the galls recommend not to control them, as they do little damage. Some good news for a change:-). Bhubaneswar and Sofeee looking fit and healthy and gorgeous!

  6. Sorry, keyboard out of control...that's Bhub ans Sofeee. :-)

  7. Is that another one of those "indestructible" toys"?
    Fresh roses from the bush must be quite it just the pink ones that Bob is consuming? Madame Bay won't be too pleased.
    Seems as if you don't need to worry about the plant growths too much.
    Taken from the mortonarb website re: the plant galls.
    Fortunately, galls, while unusual and sometimes even alarming in appearance, cause little permanent injury and seldom result in the death of the plant. For this reason chemical sprays are rarely necessary or recommended to treat gall infestations.

    By the time the galls become noticeable, the insect or mite causing the injury is protected from chemical sprays. If only a few galls are present, the affected part of the plant may be removed.

    By the way, adored the second photo.

  8. Does what's causing the galls have a prefered host or will it spread to other plants like your roses or wisteria?
    Is it spread by contaminated gardening tools? Would be terrible if your gorgeous plants were affected.

  9. The roses certainly are pretty! Do you know what kind they are?

    Is there anything that doesn't delight a puppy?

  10. At a big pet store chain here in the US they sell "Unstuffed" toys for dogs. LOL!! That takes all the fun out of it as far as the dogs are concerned!!

  11. love the videos this morning. sophie still afraid of the camera when you come close ~ bob coming to play!
    beautiful dining room library. as charming as any in downton abbey! just think if they had madame bay for their housekeeper! i can see carson's face now. LOL.
    okay. going back to watch the puppy perfect videos again. see ya!

  12. The nonstuffy toys in the pet shops always look like stuffy roadkill. Never have purchased them. Half the fun for the pups is the stuffy removal!

  13. Can't wait to get home so I can view videos! We are banned from viewing anything "non medical" here at l'hopital. Those roses sure do put on a pretty show!

    We too have had a wet May - our weather professionals are calling for a Colorado low to come in this evening and drop another 30 mm over the course of the next few days. I think we will all grow webbys between our toes!

  14. Give a dog a real stuffy anytime. I had an unstuffed pig toy for awhile; lots of squeekies but everytime I drove home past the field, I thought a dog had died and it was that dang pig toy; pitched it. Good boy, Bob or Bhub. I need to remove trees I let grow in otherwise nice bushes. I love the pink, esp in that dining room library. Books, dogs, and horses make a home; cats embellish it.