Sunday, May 5, 2013

One day you will find there is far more happiness in anothers happiness than your own.

Saturday afternoon. Preparations for the Saints Day are in full swing. 

Wallys Giant Paella dish arrives on the village green. It's hoisted from the back of the local Peugeot dealers pick-up truck and manoeuvred into its place by the acacia tree. Wally, the mayor, the old farmer and the man in the luminescent yellow jacket all wave their arms and give advice. The hoist operator very sensibly ignores them all.

Madame mayor and the ladies of the catering committee are in the kitchen of the salle des fetes making sangria from the old red wine they found in the store cupboard in the basement. They are also making salmon and blue cheese vol au vents.

The little lady in the purple hat arrives at the front door of the rickety old farmhouse. She's come to borrow the step ladders. I carry them across to the church .They aren't long enough. An extendable ladder is needed. We discover the little lady in the purple hat doesn't like heights. She does the saints feet and the body, Angus ends up dusting the head.

Bob and Sophie watch as a stream of visitors come to the gate. The mayor wonders if we have a extension cable, Wally wants to know if there is any spare kindling  for the fire , the man in the yellow luminescent jacket would like to borrow an allen key.

In the evening our first long walk through the market town. A chance for Bob and Sophie to get used to cars and crowds of people. Bob and Sophie enter into this adventure with gusto. Half an hour of tangled leads and stopping in unexpected places. ' The font ' thinks it went really well. Angus, who held the leads, has a nerve calming drink. Bob and Sophie chase moles in the garden.


  1. Busy day. I imagine you all slept rather well!
    Have a great Sunday.

  2. Are the pups checking out the pot plants on the stairs, planning future adventures?

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  3. I somehow thought you would end up dusting the Saint, I just knew it!
    You and the Font being the kind resourceful souls that you are, everyone seems to know that they can come to the ROF for whatever they want....happens here all the time too.
    Wow, the little angels have now conquered the outdoor stairs as well....good for them. I see Sophie is keeping a keen eye on the flower pots on the stairs, you may have to get the water pistol out again.

    1. Loved the photo of the King of the castle in "his" chair.

  4. Brace Yourselves - more digging is planned .... I guess that Bob and Sophie heard that it's Saints Day and reckon its a hol-ey event :-) x

  5. Love the photo of the puppies on the stairs with all those lovely pots to investigate!
    Apparently Sophie feels that Bob cannot handle the hole digging properly and must take over.
    I wonder how that sangria tasted?

  6. Have they caught any moles yet, or is it still just the thrill of the chase that is keeping them digging? I loved the squeaky noises as they dug!

  7. My Jake has never met a chair he doesn't want to sit on. And usually does. Bob has it right.

    I too wonder about the sangria!

    Happy Sunday!

  8. oh where to begin!
    the first time we've REALLY heard a little voice full out. well. maybe not yet. the bark is still to delight our ears. but she let him know it was HER digging hole even if he started it! LOL.
    can they get more adorable? yes! each day! thank you for the video. i'm sure it's extra work. it's appreciated.
    i knew you'd wind up cleaning off the old statue's head. just knew it.
    a good time was had by all.

  9. Well, we knew you would end up at the Saint's head.
    The kidz get cuter by the day.

  10. Another perfect day in paradise, I'd say.

  11. Looks like you have quite the little business going on - kind of like a one stop shop for all villagers!! Those pups are just beautiful!

  12. Oh that Sophie on the steps! I just want to scoop her up and squeeze her. . . Dear little squat legs and floppy ears. The perfect antidote to the devilish pointy squirrel ears!

    The photos yesterday and today are just extra adorable.

    And I love your farmhouse also, and the garden. Enjoy the glimpses of it.