Friday, May 3, 2013

Everyone chases after happiness not noticing that happiness is at their heels.

Mid-afternoon. The two cows in the field across the lane manage to get out of their enclosure.The old widow, broom in hand, noisily shoos them away from the rose bushes that sprawl along her garden wall. Hugo, the bad tempered Maltese, growls from the garden of the house by the crossroads. For a while the cows wander contentedly back and forth before settling down to graze in the middle of the village green.Then they notice the floral displays in front of the church. Short work made of the geraniums. The white heather in our roadside pots follows. The cows pause for a while, resting their heads on the courtyard gates, contentedly sniffing the freshly cut grass beyond. 

Bob and Sophie look at these two enormous beasts in amazement. '' Blimey ! They're big dogs ". Bob takes up his leader of the pack position, front and forward , Sophie behind. A defensive pose slightly spoilt by the soft toy Bob clutches in his mouth. To the sound of not so ferocious barking the cows saunter off down the ox track to drink at the stream . It is there that the 'bad' farmer and his youngest son intercept them and guide them home . 

Bob and Sophie settle down for a post excitement sleep. Both of them kick and squeak as they dream. Can anything beat the adventures of puppyhood ? In the evening they've recovered and there's time and energy enough to chase moles. Excitement - deepest France profonde style.


  1. Maybe, in Bob's mind, the soft toy represents prey successfully hunted down and thus magnifies his threat to the 'big dogs'.

  2. So much excitement in just one day for Bob and Sophie, no wonder they're having sweet dreams in the aftermath.
    Oh oh, the Beautiful Bye Ways Committee will be after the bad farmer about replacing the flowers before the Saint's Day festival....will he become conveniently deaf to their plea I wonder.
    Loved the photo of Bob on the old tree stump with his "prey."
    Angus you have so many nice photos of your two cuties, it will be hard to choose one for a Christmas card this year.

  3. Is this the farmer's revenge for the missing water? Not content with having an unkempt garden is he trying to mess up the rest of the village?

    Love the guard dog with stuffie in mouth.

    XXXOOO Daisy,Bella & Roxy

  4. I hope the cows enjoyed the freedom and the tasty roadside treats. I think they still look a little too slender.
    Bob, surveying all that he owns from his tree stump. I have a similar picture of Merlin on top of the courtyard wall at our old convent.
    They are both looking so lovely. All paws and fluff sticking out in every direction. I loved that stage.
    Have a great day.

  5. It's always fun to see our pups their first encounter with livestock and see how brave they try to be! Todd is nearly hoarse this morning from barking at the horses here in Tennessee!

  6. Hewo Bob and sophie
    I love seeing you gwowing and enjoying yoow new discovewies and advetoowes..tweasoowe this most wondewful's the best
    smoochie kisses

  7. Oh no the cows escaped! Not to worry, the intrepid Bob kept them at bay (or should I say, "moo"?!)All that digging with such enthusiasm, watch out for the potholes!

  8. Perhaps the cows have discovered that the grass really is greener on the other side of the fence. Love the way Sophie abandons the hole she's digging and gallumps over to take over Bob's, as it was surely far more interesting.

  9. bob.
    king of the hill.
    sorry angus. it's no longer you.
    you have succumbed to puppyhood rules.
    and there's not a sweeter way to go!
    i figured they were smelling moles under there!
    after the half starved winter they so patiently endured ~ YAYYYY! COWS! go! go! you deserve a bit of happy filling freedom!

  10. Angus,
    Just wanted to let you know how much joy your fur "children" are bringing me. I was diagnosed with cancer a few months ago and sorely need something to make me laugh and smile. Bob & Sophie are just the ticket.
    Pittsboro, NC

  11. I just adore them! You must be exhausted at the end of the day!

  12. I just love those two little darlings! Those faces! What energy and curiosity those two hold! I am glad that the cows got out and had a wee snack before getting corralled. One should leave the gate open daily for them!

  13. I vote for the cows. Bob assuming his post is delightful - even with a stuffie. Oh, the lawn and puppies.

  14. Is that a wisteria growing against the side of the house, the big purple plant on the wall? It's really gorgeous. The puppies are so cute I can't stand it.