Thursday, May 2, 2013

Laughter is poison to fear.

Well mannered weather. It rains at night but is bright and sunny during the day. Perfect conditions for charging round and round the garden at high speed.

Twenty Latvian pilgrims en route to Santiago saunter along the lane on horseback. All in identical red hoodies. Bob and Sophie give each a high pitched yelp of welcome / warning. A sheepdogs territorial instincts already stirring. The horses ignore them. The pilgrims wave. Four of them stop to say hello to Bob and Sophie . Sophie graces them with a lick. Bob doesn't.  Our canine guardians stay by the gate until the last of the pilgrims is safely out of sight.

Sophie's unspeakable habit seems to have been cured thanks to water pistol aversion therapy .  Now all we have to worry about are those little pirana teeth that appear when she gets over excited.

The fancy builder comes when ' the font ' is out. His super shiny black Mercedes estate the size of Delaware. Angus would be much happier if he drove a beat up ten year old Renault. The builder confirms that the team will be starting on rebuilding the bathrooms on May 15th. '' Have you given any though to soap dishes ? " he asks. Angus can quite honestly claim that during his fifty seven years on the planet he has given absolutely no thought whatsoever to soap dishes . 

Bob and Sophie act like little angels when the builder is here. They revert to normal the very second he leaves.


  1. Love those wagging tails in the video, what a happy way to start the morning.
    I hope the work goes well. Those builders will sure have a couple of friendly and curious helpers.
    Have a great day. Distance kisses for those delicious noses.

  2. Those two are so clearly brother and sister.

    1. We thought the link between two brothers was close. That was until we saw the bond between a big lolloping brother and his smart little sister. No need to entertain them, they just entertain each other.

  3. The Mercedes driving fancy builder might as well have asked Bob and Sophie for their views on soap dishes....

  4. It is disheartening when you see what the builder drives....maybe he will at least show up when he says. We've never thought of soap dishes either.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  5. A tense stand-off, 'Should we stand our ground or attack?'....'Second thoughts...RUN...!'

  6. Their running and stopping looks choreographed. They really are circus dogs.

  7. Bob and Sophie seem to grow overnight. Must be all those snails and worms!

  8. I love the way at one point their tails are wagging at exactly the same rhythm in exactly the same direction! Wonderful!

  9. I never get tired of watching Bob and Sophie play!

    Really? You've never thought about soap dishes? Ha ha ha ha ha!

  10. Loved the video...Those two little sweeties have a Zsa Zsa Gabor style..."Please no pictures! No pictures!!" while running away from the camera, then stopping to make sure they are still being filmed...priceless.
    I love that they're both growing up to be exactly what you wanted in a canine friend....loyal, territorial, protective and of course loving.
    Those tails are wagging 100 times a minute it seems.
    Soap dishes? Who has time to study soap dishes?

  11. premature soap dishes! sounds like a title for a horror movie to me.
    thank you for the video!!!
    i have an idea for the next one . . . could you offer a 'tiny' tip of a croissant so they'll come up close?
    i would love sometime to see their little eyes in all that black fur! can't believe they're growing so fast.
    too fast. tell them to slow down!
    hugs to all.

  12. Oh thw video made me feel like I was right there looking at them! Glad the water aversion therapy worked. Do please take videos so we can see their sweet eyes.

  13. Imagine excited puppy teeth on a 95# rottie! We're buying a squirt gun this weekend!

    These videos always make me smile - no matter how grumpy I am!!

  14. Wonderful video! Those two puppies of yours are thriving. Growing so fast!! Their personalities come shining through on the videos and on the photos. Much good luck with the Mercedes-driving contractor; soap dishes are of such prime importance in a remodel.

  15. They look so healthy, what kind of vitamins are they taking? Any advice to this!

  16. No thought given to soap dishes? What's next, ignoring sink stoppers?
    And I just realized that your new header is Cinemascope-size, so Sophie is in there after all. But on my screen, only Bob shows up at first opening.
    Another vote for a vid that shows their eyes.

  17. Let me ask you this. Does anyone ever think of soap dishes? What a question! Those two pups are simply gorgeous. I think we must have a PON to add to our canine family.

  18. Just somehow, I bet the font could discuss soapdishes with Mr. Mercedes. Just maybe.


    Jo in MN

  19. Synchronized tail wagging - how advanced of the wee-ones! I would venture to state, the best soap dishes are ones that fit the soap - with much regret, I've met some that haven't.