Monday, May 20, 2013

If you can't discover happiness, invent it.

It rains heavily for much of the day. The mud where the drainage works took place turned into gloop. This is where Bob and Sophie opt to spend much of their afternoon. The command '' No ! " filtered out by selective deafness and the incomparable joy of wading in gloop.

After an emergency bath Sophie returns to her flower trough for some recreational digging. Contentment comes in all shapes and forms.


  1. Perhaps you should have said, "NON!"

  2. Gail took our comment.

    In the first two pictures, they look like they'd never think of doing anything like walking in gloop.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

    1. As the old saying goes ' looks can be deceptive '.

  3. I think the title of this post is very appropriate, Sophie has indeed invented happiness!!

  4. Merlin is a gloop junky. I think the attraction is for life!

  5. Hurray for gloop!!! Brownie loves the stuff as well.

  6. Nothing like a mud pack to help you recover from the stress of a bath!

  7. It has been raining solidly since Saturday. We have lots of gloop happening and necessary baths happening...

    Those two look a picture!

  8. Recreational digging, indeed. I love the way Bob's dark coloring curls under his chin, like muttonchop whiskers.

  9. Love the photo in the header! Gloop baths are very good for the complexion.

  10. gloop and puppies. a natural fit.
    i love the new header!
    if you were to trim the fringe over their little noses just a tee tiny bit... do you think we could see their eyes in pictures? just a longing to see those little faces the way you do! no sweat if you can't or don't though. i will follow this blog forever!