Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Follow your heart not the crowd.

It pours with rain all day. Bob and Sophie decide this is a great time to dig up the courtyard . Faced with two mud coloured dogs  ' the font ' heads off into town to buy an industrial strength steam floor cleaner . 

The indestructible toy that we bought from the dog shop in San Francisco , isn't.  From being given it to removing the stuffing takes the pups at least three minutes.

Much to our surprise the workmen arrive . Bob and Sophie show great interest in everything they do. The foreman has brought along a pack of digestive biscuits. As far as Bob is concerned this makes him a friend for life. Sophie is found inside the builders van . She has to be lifted out  - three times.

The workmen say they'll probably be here for a month. '' Maybe a bit longer ". So much for the estimate of two weeks.

Heavy rain, inquisitive puppies, builders.  Sigh.


  1. Remember.......back when the pups were still with the Breeder.......and one
    thought that SOPHIE was SHY? Oh so SHY. Now the truth has been made known. She was not shy. She was merely BORED. It was her destiny to come to live at the ROF with ANGUS and the FONT - to live the life she desired along with her darling brother. Never a boring moment. The wonder of automatic glass airport doors. Gravel courtyards to re-arrange.
    Workmen to charm. Baked goods to nibble. Foolproof toys toys to de-construct. All in a day's unfolding. Thanks ANGUS! From the Westcoast of Canada.

  2. I laughed and laughed at that muddy face looking around .

    Bob seems to have had a growth spurt.

  3. If you DO find a toy that can't be destroyed, please let me know!

    PLease!!! :)

  4. Hey guys, I think we have the makings of a serious demarcation dispute here. I mean herding is all well and good for you sheepdog types. But digging? Surely that is terrier territory?
    Toodle pip!

  5. An industrial strength steamer is definitely the way forward.
    Factory testing of same should definitely incorporate a PON durability assessment.
    I think I am on no. 4.
    Have a great, possibly muddy, day.

  6. Hope they bring lots of digestive biscuits!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  7. It looks like the pot holes and PON holes are the same thing!

  8. Be grateful for the workers....nice that you can have things done! And how else would Sophie and Bob get to know French bulders' habits? :-)

  9. Three minutes is a record!! I never trust the labels on the toys anyway. Just budget for
    Today's photos and videos made me laugh.....again. Can they get any cuter?
    Thank goodness the workmen have shown up. I think the Font will need the steamer for both PON's and dirty workers' boots.
    I am sending you lots of patience, strength with a sprinkle of humour to get through the next month.

  10. What an adorable muddy face. OPBs (other people's biscuits) are always the best.

  11. We agree with our pal Bertie...terrier behavior is definitely in your pups DNA. Not just the digging, but destuffing an allegedly indestructible toy. What a good thing!

    So sayeth Jake and Just Harry

  12. At least they like the workmen! A month of workmen in our house, with Morgan, would be a much more painful experience! That is...A LOT of mud!

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  14. Our pup has destroyed "indestructible" toys in the same amount of time as regular ones. Even one made of old firehose. Tip---go to thrift shops and buy children's stuffed animals. Avoid buying toys with plastic eyes or hard plastic bits. Love the videos!

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  16. Such a happy morning to discover three (!!) PON videos in your post. Agree that Sophie was less shy than bored; she seems well on the way taking over the immediate world.

  17. Digger, Digger, Digger..........
    Bob, on the first video seems to be saying 'Oi, NO Paparazzi!!'

  18. I love that little muddy face, so cute. Thank you for such a wonderful entertaining and uplifting blog, can't wait for the next installment.
    The comments on here are great as well, who'd have thought it, a terrier/PON turf war !?!

  19. i love how bob discovered you filming and ran to play attack! it worked too!
    oh the videos. oh the still shots.
    the muddy faces. the digging delight of it all.
    love and hugs. and sloppy muddy nose kisses. i'd take them all.