Sunday, May 19, 2013

If it gathers dust, give it away.

Bob and Sophie each receive a tiny piece of puff pastry from the bakers wife . Later they are given slivers of croissant by the waitress at the cafe under the arcades.  Each of the donors receives a lick of gratitude in return . The beer and absinthe crowd wave. By the time we're back from town the early morning mist has lifted.  A passionate '' where have you been ?  I've not seen you in years " reunion with ' the font '. Then it's out onto the lane, across the village green to the fire hydrant, a detour to stroke the horse and  a pause to listen to the frogs in the village pond.

Another rite of passage. The butcher drops off a bag of bones at the front gate . ( ' The font ' had asked for some earlier in the week but he'd given them all away to the hunters dogs ).  Two small jarret de boeuf are chosen . Bob and Sophie eye them suspiciously . Tails down . After initial reticence it doesn't take long for the pups to discover the taste of marrow.  Sophie munches away happily. Bob decides to bury his bone for later. Having hidden it he can't find it again. Amid howls of unhappiness his flock have to spend quarter of an hour trying to discover where he's put it. We can't. He gets a replacement bone. 

How quickly they grow.


  1. Ah, bones...
    thanks for reminding Gail.
    Toodle pip!

  2. Video 1: 'Leave me alone Sophie, I am concentrating'.
    Sophie is getting prettier by the day.
    I have always been a little worried about giving bones to Merlin; the occasional one he has thoroughly enjoyed but then promptly rejected.
    Have a great Sunday.

    1. Our previous two wouldn't give bones the time of day. With these two it might be a weekly treat. Interestingly both walked away from their bones when called inside. Maybe not being wild about bones is a PON thing.

  3. We had beef knuckles today.....ahhhhhhh! We think they'll get 'into' bones soon.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  4. Can you imagine the excitement in the future when Bob eventually discovers his treasure? x

  5. Loved the "Go get your own bone Sophie," video.
    I don't give Brownie any bones, only the big ham bone (once a year at Christmas) which does not splinter.
    One of my friends lost her bow wow to a chicken bone (discovered after autopsy it had pierced an internal organ).
    I got very scared after that.
    Poor Bob has lost his bone...that story made me chuckle.
    Happy Sunday to you all.

  6. i gave zeke a huge bone once. he politely took it outside and spent the better part of the afternoon with it. it still had lots of meat on it. it was a gift from my brother to him.
    that night i awoke to the familiar 'wope' 'wope' 'wope' sounds. zekey was throwing up all over the bedroom.
    poor little guy. richness too much for him. but that afternoon he would dream about for years no doubt!
    these videos were super! have to see them over and over! xo

  7. Our Willow does the exact same thing your Sophie does. I love when she squiggles all over the grass. Pure joy! Love the bone video! Our old black lab Warlock (may he rest peaceful) used to bury everything from bones to bits of food treats he would get. Such busy minds! Hopefully Bob enjoys his 2nd bone as much and remembers where if he buries this one.

  8. Awwww, Sophie rolled over, how cute! New discoveries every day, these two certainly know how to make friends!
    Karen and Kelly Rathje

  9. Ha ha ha! It looks like they really did enjoy those bones. I know they'd be popular here, too!