Friday, December 4, 2020

Christmas Carol #1.

Sophie checks the garden for signs of C-A-T-S. Satisfied that all is well with the world we head off along the lane to the storm drain. It's grey and overcast this morning so the cold concrete of the drain comes as something of a shock as I sit down on it. Angus is quietly thankful he's switched over to wearing thick cords.

A pair of gold finches play fight in a walnut tree. This makes me laugh out loud. Angus has got to an age where he's quite happy to laugh out loud at simple, joyful  things . Sophie leans into me, has an ear scrunch and is told that this is here home. A daily routine.  We wave at three white vans as they tootle by. All hoot as they go. A way of dealing with the strange foreigner that sits and chats to his dog. The young garagiste races past in his four door BMW of a certain vintage. He stops and asks after the Volvo. I tell him it's going to have a new engine, gearbox, transmission and electronic system. He whistles then says ' That's quite some job'.

Moody and atmospheric. Norwegians singing a Christmas carol :

Hip chocolate. I'm tempted by these but don't know what to expect :


Lisa in France said...

I had actually somehow forgotten about your December Christmas music, but now I can look forward to adding more gems to my Christmas playlist. The playlist comes out this weekend, as we are going to start putting up the household decorations - we need to start early in Tokyo, as everything needs to come down immediately after Christmas so we can shift to the traditional Japanese motif for New Year's. The little German-style Christmas market they put up every year at my office complex has already opened - same stores, same merchandise year after year, but they do have pretzels.

WFT Nobby said...

I too am delighted to see the December Christmas music series is back, and what a beautiful opening carol.
Here in Aberdeen it was full waterproofs for the morning trip round Duthie Park.
Finally, I didn't ever imagine this could happen, but I think you've found a chocolate offering that doesn't tempt me!
Cheers, Gail.

Poppy Q said...

Oh I think you should order the chocolate to try it.

Teena and Lala said...

Lovely carol; I think the girls voice really makes sense of the gents.
The chocolate looks swish, definitely worth a go. I'm rather taken with my discovery of chocolates handmade in Kelso. I'll be stocking up for Christmas.
A full blanket of snow here today at the foot of the Cheviots.