Monday, December 7, 2020

Christmas Carol #4

A scattering of pilgrims wander through the village on Sunday.  The new mayor, who is a late riser,  doesn't open up the church every morning like the old mayor did. The pilgrims rattle the locked porch door then , disappointedly, head off .  The restored frescoes will have to wait for another day. Later this week the ladies of the Beautiful Bye Ways Committee will be doing their 'Stepford Wives' thing of setting up the church crib . They will return to take it down again on January 6th.

Usually, at this time of the year, we see a few cars with ski racks heading off to the nearby mountains.  Not this year. The ski resorts are all in lockdown. Angus reads an article that informs him that skiing is primarily a European activity. There are more nights spent at ski resorts in Europe than at ski resorts in the rest of the world combined. Austria is the worlds most ski 'mad' country. 

Sophie watches Angus drag up the artificial Christmas tree from the basement. We thought of getting a real one but the usual sources are all closed due to the pandemic travel restrictions. The artificial tree is 6'6" high. It is also incredibly heavy. Amazingly the lights embedded in its branches still work. A tribute to the build quality of Guangzhou Christmas Tree Factory #7.  Every year we forget that the lights flash in a 'manic' seizure inducing way.  Sophie is remarkably unimpressed.

The sensible thing to do when its cold and there's snow on the ground :


WFT Nobby said...

Bertie is also unimpressed by (real) Christmas tree that, as of this weekend, is blocking the bay window and thus his view of the street.
Gail notes that St Andrews University is clearly keen to dispell any notion that it's only students who look like William and Kate who might be welcome there.

Lisa in France said...

I believe those ducks have officially gone viral, and they well deserve it. I was surprised to learn that Europe is so dominant in ski vacations, although I suppose it makes sense. I think the resorts in Japan must be having a terrible time, as they are heavily dependent on Australian visitors who are not currently permitted in.

Fay said...

I had the same thought as did Gail. I did laugh at one of the comments to video:
"Sweet. We made a naked rugby calendar one Christmas but this works just as well"