Friday, December 11, 2020

Christmas Carol #8

Angus sends e-mails asking when the car will be ready for collection but  the Volvo garage remains  resolutely aloof regarding any after sales communication. 'Ignore the customer' seems to be their approach to problems. This afternoon, as we enter the fourth week without the dog car, 'The Font' will send an e-mail to the Chairman of the company in Sweden. Angus is once again reminded that after sales service is a concept  alien to some French companies. Why Volvo should be happy with this is another matter. One of those days when innate Calvinism and Latin laissez-faire collide. The family PONette can't understand this grumpiness. She has collected together a variety of friends and wonders if Angus might like to spend fifteen or so minutes playing ' Throw the sad looking rabbit ' ?   This is a much more sensible approach to life.

Sophie of course loves being driven around in the big car with its white carpets. Why travel Coach when you can travel First Class ? The white carpets are beginning to reflect the presence of a mud loving Polish Lowland Sheepdog lady.

And back to Stockholm for Carol # 8. The lighting of the Advent candles in a cold dark Scandinavian winter one of the simplest and most beautiful of the years rites of passage. The young lady lighting the candles appears to be using a blowtorch which is practical if not traditional  :

 At last data that promises a better 2021 :


WFT Nobby said...

A haunting scene in the Stockholm church this morning, notwithstanding the blowtorch.
Wishing 'The Font' the best of luck with the Volvo chairman.

Coppa's girl said...

With the email in Swedish, there should be no excuses for misunderstandings in translation, and the Volvo's chairman not understanding the problem.
Of course Sophie loves the big car best - it's so much more suited to her Diva status, but how will she feel when (or if) the dog car comes back?

Taste of France said...

Considering the size of the Swedish population, surely the Font either knows the chairman or knows somebody who knows him. So a letter might work.
As far as herd immunity, it appears that getting Covid provides immunity for only about 90 days. My brother is still enduring his second bout (now in its second month, much worse than when he had it in the spring). It's impossible to know how long immunity from a vaccination will last--it's too new to have the data. I guess I'm more pessimistic. Believe me, I'll be lining up for a vaccine as soon as possible, and I think life will be much more normal in summer 2021, but how will things be next fall, when vaccine/recovery immunity has perhaps faded and people go back indoors? I get a flu shot every year (except this year because there's a shortage!), so re-vaccination isn't a big deal as long as vaccines are available. But how long will the protection last? The thing that stands out in the article is the projected number of deaths in the U.S.: 500K. Incredible.

Sheila said...

Glad to hear The Font is going to the top of the management chain. I feel certain you'll get swift action. Still think you deserve a new car!

EAS said...

I too think a new car is in order. After this ordeal, you'll never really trust that car again. Shocking really for a new car. What if shards had entered the passenger compartment? Seems like the mear thought of bad publicity for a company whose reputation is built on Safety and Reliability would be enough to expedite things. Sophie seems to have the right idea of how to cheer Angus up and maybe lobby for a cheerful looking new toy or two under the tree. She has such lovely, expressive eyes.