Saturday, December 19, 2020

Christmas Carol # 16

It is made quite clear that Angus should share his warm buttered toast with the family diva. Communication need not be verbal. It can be silent and insistent. The emphasis here is on 'insistent'.  Dog owners will understand this immutable truth.

We head out along the lane. One horse at the field by the 'T' junction is awake. The other asleep. Sophie glances at them , briefly, and hurries by.   You can never be sure with horses.

At the waterfall the water levels have fallen slightly while Sophie's courage has risen correspondingly. She takes a lengthy , if somewhat cautious, drink from the stream.

On our way back up the hill Sophie scampers on ahead in search of a snack of badgers poo hidden in the grass verges for a moment like this. Angus enjoys the warmth of the sun on his face.

Angus discovers that he's missed the last post for Europe from the London candle company :    Late news. 'The Font' finds a company in Paris that will 'pop them in the post'  :  

Scottish winter light as a background to this poem :

 And off to Denmark for Christmas  Carol # 16 sung with perfect diction  :


WFT Nobby said...

Gail has been missing the daily croissant pictures and scores, and is wondering if a warm buttered toast series might act as a substitute?

paphosmuseum said...

That is a superb setting of a lovely Carol. Your best so far this Advent, Angus

Gina said...

Hope Sophie never runs into a Badger or a Skunk or a Raccoon.

Bailey Bob Southern Dog said...

In the last picture the grass verges looks like garland which has been swagged along the roads. Lovely Carol for the day!