Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Christmas Carol #6

Still no new date for the oft delayed court case between the man with anger management issues and the German billionaires builder. The German billionaires builder is supposed to keep 100 meters away from the angry mans house.  Unfortunately, they both have houses on the lane so the builder is forever driving by on his way to the recycling bins. Every time he does so he flips the angry man 'the finger'. This, as you can imagine, does little to generate a seasonal spirit or calm the wounds of discord.

Sophie and Angus brave the cold and damp and set off for an hours walk across country. From time to time Sophie pauses and looks over her shoulder to make sure I'm keeping up.

Today, after a trip to the waterfall, Sophie emerges with her 'wild and woolly' look. Yesterday her hair was plastered down on one side and fly away on the other. This morning she is shaggily symmetrical around her central axis.  With the rain the stream is slowly swelling. The sound of the waterfall now audible as we come down the hill. Sophie approaches it carefully. Tomorrow morning I'm betting the stream will be powerful enough to wash away all the autumn leaves that still lie on its surface.

When we get home Loic is in the garden blowing leaves. It's started to drizzle and he's not wearing a hat. I give him a Baylor Bears baseball cap in dark green. He is very impressed with this . Later he will spend twenty minutes on the lawn tractor.

 We're back off to a regional radio station in Scandinavia for Christmas Carol #6 . The child on the sofa is completely untroubled by what's going on:

We also receive this  link of a giant inflatable lobster  from Scotland . Apparently it's  a way of people being able to get together in suitably socially distanced surroundings:


WFT Nobby said...

I enjoyed the low key Scandi carol singers - the tune I know as 'Lord of all Hopefulness' (sung at the funerals of both my parents) but I'm afraid I can't make out the words here. A translation of the English hymn, or something more Christmas related?

Angus said...

A winter song about warmer days. Like many northern folk tunes recycled for other uses further south. An exceedingly bad translation can be found here -

Coppa's girl said...

Yesterday there was a gale force wind blowing when we got up and still at the same strength when we went to bed! So strong it blew a window open and wrecked the catch! No walks at all, and apart from going into the garden to retrieve things blown around, and in the pool, we stayed indoors. The wind was frightening and each time I went out it felt as though someone had thumped me on the back, and almost knocked me over. Still windy this morning, but Inca's hoping for at least a short walk, and she's very envious of Sophie's hour-long walk.

Gina said...

I've become your newest Follower...I'm so glad that I found you. My Sophie died 2 years ago and now I have a very smart but raucous Sadie, a Golden Lab.

Angus said...


Angus said...

Sounds like the sort of weather that would have Sophie air dried and fluffed up in no time !