Friday, December 18, 2020

Christmas Carol #15

Mild this morning. Dog and master sit on the storm drain and put the world to rights. The local farmers and the young garagiste wave as they drive by. We watch the sun rise over the folds in the earth. Two adult Kites and a young one fly regally along the floor of  the valley.

Sophie has worked out that if she approaches the stream at a 45 degree angle rather than head on her footing is surer. It has taken five days to work this out but who's counting ?

She returns to the back of the car looking 'frightful'.  Mud and water will do that to a girl. Nothing a quick once over with a soft brush won't cure.

 Don't forget this :

Off to Dresden for Christmas Carol #15 a diva and an empty Frauenkirche . ' A thrill of hope' a good and timely sentiment for 2021  :


WFT Nobby said...

Putting the world to rights will be a long conversation just now. I'm afraid I found the sight of 'Holy Night' being sung in Dresden's empty Frauenkirche (somewhere I had planned to visit back in April) just desperately sad.

Virginia said...

What a different Christmas it is for everyone this year. I wondered about the difference in singing in an empty church too, when usually the sound would be absorbed by the congregation/audience. What a beautiful building and such great photography. Thank you

Coppa's girl said...

Nonsense Angus, Sophie doesn't look frightful - she has that casual "wow I've had the whale of a time" look about her! Inca does suggest that she exercises a little caution by the stream, it might catch her unawares, no matter which angle she approaches it.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Bertie's Gail -- I too found the soprano wearing the elaborate gown and draped in feathers, singing only to the orchestra in the otherwise bare, beautiful building, quite sad. And yet - this should be the only year when the audiences are missing because of the pandemic; the vaccine is starting to be administered, and we are going to have a decent president in the US, and suddenly there's *hope* in the world again. (Although Trump may continue to squat in the White House and have to be forcibly removed -- my husband is eagerly looking forward to that!) So the sadness has a sweetness to it, too, because it's unique to this year and will soon be over, only to be a memory. I hope!

But I bet a lot of people around the world will pick up the Asian habit of wearing a mask whenever we have the sniffles or for warmth in cold weather! My daughter, in the Idaho mountains, loves the warmth her mask provides. I always thought that was polite, and now that we all have lots of attractive masks -- Nancy Pelosi has a mask to match every outfit! -- we will be all set. :)


Fay said...

It is my favorite Christmas carol, not matter what language it is sung in. An exquisite setting. I found it hopeful, albeit sad. I was happy with the quiet start to your morning, and your greeting from your neighbors.

Sheila said...

Sophie's coat is looking more luxurious each day, such a lovely shagginess. And her beard is beautiful too. Good grooming job, Angus.

There are some stunning photos of J&S on that Earthsky site sent in from many places around the world in case you missed them.

rottrover said...

I enjoyed comparing the two divas featured in today's post. They are wearing similar outfits!