Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Partial mayhem.

It's continued to rain. We're half way through a three day Atlantic storm. On our walk this morning we hear the stream before we see it. The  overnight downpour has turned the little water course into an express train carting branches and whatever else it can dislodge along with it. Sophie makes an executive decision to look at the stream from a distance. She makes it clear that 'No way is this girl going anywhere near that !'

Back at the house a stand in post lady has delivered a parcel from America. It contains a gift from a kind lady author for Sophie. A Wooly Mammoth that makes an intriguing crunching sound when you pick it up.

Sophie catches sight of the Woolly Mammoth and becomes transfixed. There is nothing that can divert her from her sole goal in life - savaging this newcomer.

With Sophie determined not to let ' Woolly Mammoth ' out of her sight the kitchen moves from partial mayhem  to full on mayhem. Angus retires to his office to talk to Manhattanites.

Is this the coolest website ever for a restaurant ? California naturally -

Tweet du jour :

More socially distanced music. I dread to think how much effort it must have taken to get this human age group to sit still. An American song  :


Lisa in France said...

That toy looks like a worthy adversary and hopefully makes up for the stream's getting out of hand like that - what is that expression in the back of the car? I never looked at the Single Thread website before, but it is pretty spectacular. Single Thread is in Healdsburg, the pretty little town next to the town where we own a house in Sonoma County. I first became aware of the restaurant during the terrible wildfires in the fall of 2019 - they're good guys:

WFT Nobby said...

Bertie now wants a woolly mammoth. In fact so does Gail. We both want to hear the crunching noise. Perhaps the Manhattanites would like to hear it too?

Coppa's girl said...

That mammoth looks ferocious, but I don't give those tusks more than 5 minutes chance once Sophie starts savaging! Yesterday I bought Inca two furry toys, one of which I've given to her and the other I'll keep in reserve, now that I've found it has a squeaker. If they last to the weekend I'll be surprised - Inca is something of a savager too!

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
Aw and now I even want a wooly mammoth... that vid of the deer saver is particularly joyous! YAM xx

Camille said...

How kind sending such an adorable gift. Assuming it's from from Ms. P as there are many kindly lady authors in America, but few as lovely and talented as she. Dottie dog is very fond of toys which make crunchy noises and Sir wooly mammoth appears to be nearly as big as herself! But he's definitely perfect Sophie size, so let the mayhem begin!

Fay said...

Having been immersed in work, I am just catching up. Memorial Church (MemChu, we all called it) is much lovelier than I remember as a grad student, but then, I was young and had other things on my mind...The Messiah shows just how indominable music can be. I suspect the wooly mammoth may be from the author of the lovely Pons Christmas book you mentioned a few years ago. I was perusing your older entries, saw the post, an ordered the book for our Christmas. It came wrapped just like a gift. Once again, thank you for your funny, informative entries, and the photos I look forward to. Happy New Year. It can't be worse (we hope).

Stephanie said...

Woolly Mammoth seems to have a bit of size advantage over Sophie (as well as a fierce look); could the Family Princess have finally met her match?