Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Christmas Carol # 19

The house is now pretty much decorated . How odd that, apart from us, there will be no one to see it . Anyway, why let a pandemic interrupt the routines of a lifetime ?

On the village green the mayors secretary has decorated the yew trees at each corner of the war memorial. They display a touching faith in the belief that less is more.

Sophie finds a spider scurrying across the carpet. She stares intently at it. A mixture of horror and disbelief keep her rooted to the spot. The spider escapes without any inkling that it has been glared at.


The perfect pandemic present ? All you need to know about Christmas 2020 : https://www.scmp.com/lifestyle/fashion-beauty/article/3114549/covid-19-christmas-sweater-ensures-social-distancing-it

The individual country growth rates are interesting :https://www.reddit.com/r/MapPorn/comments/kewjsn/population_change_of_britain_ireland_over_200/

A sprint into Christmas. Off to the most beautiful church in Manhattan for Carol #19 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fHwaj5Nb4ss

( I had tried to link to this but Google is having one of those 'anti-tech' mornings. I'm surprised that social distancing rules in NYC allowed a Service of Carols to take place - https://www.saintthomaschurch.org/events/a-festival-of-nine-lessons-and-carols-2020-12-20/  )


Lisa in France said...

Maybe Sophie is just showing some Christmas generosity of spirit to the spider. The two wreaths in that photo are beautiful, no matter what the French may think. (Perhaps that poor bush looks festive by local standards?) On the other hand, I'm never sure quite what to think of your Nativity figures, although they've now become an established part of the holiday season for me and I find myself looking forward to seeing them again each year. As to the social distancing sweater, I don't think I'd want to chance wearing that in some New York neighborhoods. I remember being surprised when you posted a link to St. Thomas last Christmas. I'd walked past that church a hundred times on my way to work and never appreciated it (St. Patricks has an unfair advantage in its proximity to Saks Fifth Avenue). It's ow on my agenda for that "someday" when things get back to normal and we can travel again.

WFT Nobby said...

Bertie shares Sophie's outrage at the spider invasion, and escape.

Coppa's girl said...

Inca is quite laid back about spiders, as long as they don't expect her to share her food!
That sweater is awful, but surely a sign of the times? One of our dogs would have made an excellent substitute - he'd bark at anything that came within six feet!

paphosmuseum said...

The faces of the choristers!!!

The Nine Lessons link seems to work, but I shall save myself for Christmas Eve.

Angus said...

It is more likely that Sophie is rendered immobile by the audacity of the spider. As for St Thomas on 5th it's a v clever piece of architecture that is designed to be plain and simple as you enter and get ever more ornate as you move to the altar. A building that a lot of thought has gone into.

Angus said...

At least there is no chance a C-A-T would make it indoors.

Angus said...

A dog is a much better alternative to a flashing sweater !

Angus said...

Good luck. Google and live feeds seem to have a fractious relationship.