Saturday, December 26, 2020

Leaving none, embracing all.

Overnight, the Father Christmas on the village green has gained a face mask. It wasn't there yesterday afternoon so Angus is inclined to think it's the work of our insomniacal new mayor.  He's never in the town hall when you'd expect / like him to be there. Instead, he  seems to do his paperwork at three in the morning. I wonder what his wife and children think about his sleep patterns ?  Some folks ( dog owners ) are early birds, others night owls.

Christmas Day passes uneventfully. Sophie rediscovers the wonders of gravy, turkey, roast potatoes and Brussel sprouts. The rest of her day is spent following Angus round the house in the hope that gravy, turkey, roast potatoes and Brussel sprouts will be served up on the hour, every hour. There is much washing of her muzzle.

A cloud free night. This morning this early bird and his furry companion are up and out early. The rising sun highlights a dozen or so satellites sauntering across the sky. We find the first light frost of the season on the grass.  Something about frost that triggers Sophie's DNA. This is Polish Lowland weather. She races ahead.  It's going to be a great new day.

It would seem life in Australia is going on pretty much as before. I didn't know this was a carol. The tune I recognize but where from ?


WFT Nobby said...

Bertie wants to know if Sophie has yet discovered the delights of Turkey giblets. A newly discovered treat he recommends highly.

Coppa's girl said...

Please, don't let Inca know about Turkey giblets! We have had just turkey breast, much easier to deal with, and we won't be eating it into February!

Poppy Q said...

We don't have community cases if covid here in NZ, so life here us the same. The only cases are at the border when people fly in from other countries they have to quarantine at specific hotels for 2x weeks until they test negative. Australia is having some cases in Sydney but life is similar there.

So we have been having Christmas parties, international cricket and rock festivals as normal.

Merry Christmas to you all.

Poppy and mum Q.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
Yes, as Poppy says, Down Under has been pretty much okay, compared to what's happening up this side. My 'family' down there just had a gathering of 14 around the table with no restrictions. In Sydney. Despite there being a COVID cluster on the Northern Beaches area. Being they are in summer, might be helping...

I made myself a paneer and mangetout green curry with brussels sprouts aachar (kind of chutney). Sadly there are no leftovers, so I may have to make it again!!! (Like Sophie, I feel there was just not enough...) YAM xx

Angus said...

You may be right. Dry, warm conditions seem to act as a suppressant as opposed to cold , wet ones. None of this explains why LA is having such problems.

rottrover said...

Some, here in LA, say that people are just ignoring the stay at home, don't congregate, don't fly suggestions. One in 80 people have covid per today's newspaper. Our weather has been dry and warm (70F). Otto, Osa and I walk, masked and socially distant with one of two different friends. Horse d'oeuvres as well as deer poo are readily available for the discerning canine!