Wednesday, December 2, 2020


I'd never noticed it before but the late afternoon sun casts a shadow of the 'Swaying Jesus ' on the side of the church. The shadows on the carvings on the war memorial are also highly 'atmospheric'. A car with two gendarmes comes through the village and stops to ask  for directions. They give me a street name. I'm completely flumoxed by this as I didn't know we had more than one street in the village and it doesn't have a name. I explain this to the two gendarmes. They thank me and drive off. Their tone of voice suggests they think I'm severely 'intellect constrained'. 

Before it gets dark Angus and Sophie venture into the garden for half an hour of ' Throw the Furry Fox'. After three throws Sophie decides she doesn't want to share Furry Fox and wanders off with it into the orchard. There she happily savages it. Female PONs are a higher order of creation than mere males... of any species. They have a low boredom threshold.

This building in Washington is rarely visited but is one of the architectural  wonders of the world. It's usually only in the limelight as the venue for Presidential Inauguration celebrations. The pandemic probably rules those out this time round. A Roman temple inside masked in dull red brick on the outside. It has eight huge columns that take the breath away -

It comes into its own for Presidential Balls but here is Annie Lennox singing at Christmas - look out for the columns at the 2:50 mark -


Lisa in France said...

Well, today's story about Furry Fox does sound very familiar. Playing fetch with Cherry is a particular challenge - she loves the game but doesn't really understand she must relinquish the toy periodically to make it work. (I was grateful for your comments yesterday regarding the general challenge of training a PON.) I have never heard of the Pension Building and would swear I've never seen it, but what a wonderful place! I hope I will remember to watch for it when inauguration celebrations return in 2024.

WFT Nobby said...

Savaging a furry toy is so much more fun than retrieving. Perhaps Sophie has just a smattering of terrier genes somewhere?
Toodle pip!

Coppa's girl said...

Inca loves the idea of throw and fetch, but like Sophie, soon tires of the game, and either won't relinquish the ball or doesn't even bother to bring it back. Sometimes she regards me with a "You threw it, you fetch it" look!
The only dog we had that really knew all about playing ball was our first Labrador, Sultan, and he would play for hours and hours, and would always bring the ball back to us and drop it at our feet. He also collected stray tennis balls on walks, and had an unerring nose for finding them in hedgerows, and even in ponds! He would carry at least two in his mouth at any time, and even tried for three on occasions!
Poor Furry Fox - it's suffering the fate of so many soft toys.

Fay said...

I laughed so hard at your description of the village's one (nameless) street and the gendarmes' reaction. I look forward to listening to the music and admiring the architectural wonder. Thank you for a great start to my work today, including the chronicles of Furry Fox.