Friday, October 1, 2021

Nurofen alternative.

Sophie hears the top being taken off the yogurt pot and appears - immediately - in the kitchen. She displays her non-verbal communication skills to let it be known that she'd like to lick the pot clean. Peach yogurts, are for some reason, her absolute favourite. It goes without saying that yogurt in a glass jar is infinitely preferable to yogurt in a plastic pot. Glass jars can be propelled , noisily, across the floor with a nudge from the nose.

Cows are todays threat du jour. It would seem that to the PON mind cows are less of a threat than horses. Sophie still picks up her pace when it's recognized that the cows are 1) close and 2) looking at her. We make it along the lane safely.

Angus found this in a book store in London and rather enjoyed it.

The root canal treatment sheet has proven to be a godsend. I'm very glad the 'flare up' outcome has not materialized although wine has proved a good substitute for Nurofen.

This morning an unsolicited e-mail from the government. Soon I can get a third top up jab. After a slow start France is proving to be highly efficient in dealing with Covid. In two weeks the pharmacist will give us both a Covid and a flu jab. Our neighbour, the Old Farmer, will have them on Monday of next week.

This is the most Scottish thing I've seen on television in ages. Oddly, there is a hint of Tennessee or Northern Georgia  to it :

Pick of the month. Worth listening to if you're trying to find somewhere to fill up your car with petrol :

The directness of this reporting on vaccine politics surprised me :


WFT Nobby said...

Good to hear the root canal treatment went well and the aftermath not too painful.
Having just woke up from a prolonged nightmare prompted by the Sarah Everard case, it was a relief to tune in to news from Scotland that three adorable little piglets had been rescued from a dangerous riverbank.
Cheers, Gail

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
I too appreciated the piglets having their world set right. The sort of helping that ought to exist in the world of vaccination yet is desperately lacking... YAM xx

Coppa's girl said...

Love the first photo - Sophie has such a hopeful look on her sweet little face.
Those cows don't look too threatening, but it's always wise to give them a very wide berth!
Glad that the root canal treatment hasn't caused any painful side effects. It's pretty certain that you'll have enough wine as a substitute for Nurofen! Have you sampled the wine in the pink bottles yet?